A New Update!

I am sorry that we haven’t blogged in a long time! Here is a latest update.


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A New Update and Video

13838570_10157089986565618_1312537245_oHey Everyone!
We have a new update that is out now and there is a video attached that you can watch some of what we have been up to the last 6 months in our discipleship training school! It’s been a great season! Below is a link to the update where you can also watch the video. Thank you so much!

Brandon Aum Cooper Conner


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Some Prayer Requests.


Hey Everyone,
Below you can find a quick link of some things that you can be praying for for us. We are teaching in a training school in Southern Thailand right now and it has been an amazing 3 days so far. Also included in the update are some ways for you to pray for us. Thank you


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We are back in Thailand! Happy New Years Again!

HAPPY super hot Thai NEW YEARS!!
This last month is always the hottest smokiest time in Thailand. Throughout Asia we have been setting record highs for temperatures. And in Mae Sai we have near dangerous smoke toxins in the air.  So it was nice having the Thai News Water fights to participate in. Cooper for sure loves the water the most! It is so much fun!

If you read our bigger updates below you will know we just were in Cambodia! Our time there ended so well. It was hard for most of our team to leave all of their new good friends from so many different ASEAN Nations. The ASEAN DTS corportate time there really went better than I could have imagined! It was really a special time.  We arrived back in Mae Sai on the 10th of April and the Water Fight celebration started right around then 🙂

We brought our Borders DTS outreach team back to Mae Sai because the New Years is really an amazing time for us to be able to do evangelism into the Mok people group.. We were invited into many of our friends homes to eat traditional Mok noodles and snacks and drink way to much Coke 🙂 It really led to some great conversations though and even found out more stories that may help correlate the Gospel even better.  One of the families we are very close with told us they wanted to follow Jesus and Buddah because it was so hard to let go of ancestors traditions. The Mom also said that one of their sons asked if after high school he could join us and follow Jesus too! 🙂 She said she was fine with that 🙂
We also did some street evangelism and spent time in smaller teams teaching different groups of kids.

The DTS team is now out into a different closed nation for this the last week. Please pray for them. They have some REALLY neat opportunities but it is pretty sensitive and they need prayer warriors lifting them up. Aum, I and the kids stayed back and Mae Sai and are holding down the fort here 🙂

and tomorrow I turn 34 🙁 craziness!    Below are some pics from the month and some short news things from around our region.

Lots is changing in Myanmar still along road ahead:
1) http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21695944-long-and-painful-journey-awaits-myanmars-new-government-burma-road

I am sure happy we don’t serve a God like this:

Pray for this People Group:


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NEW UPDATES!! A Revamp of the BLOG

It has been so hard for me to get back into blogging since falling so far behind on it. The stories keep piling up and nothing makes it into the blog 🙂 I am going to try to redo the blog some and see what happens. Sorry for those of you who may have come to read new stories the last months only to find nothing.. We just sent out a new update and you can read it by clicking below:


Also you can read the one from back on February here:


Stay tuned for more improvements to this thing.

The Thai Foxes

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Staff Team Building! I love these guys!!


OK WE ARE BACK! Now that we are back from our travels and YWAM Borders is FINALLY all back together we kicked off our time with a couple weeks of team building fun times.. We all finally got back to Mae Sai and started with 3 days of catching up, worshiping, Praying and sharing about what God has been doing in our lives and around Mae Sai. We then had a day of fun team building activities combined with rock climbing. After each activity we would share what God was speaking to us about teamwork and the takeaways were so good. I feel like the week was foundational for where we are headed as a team.. These guys all are so amazing. We have such a great team to serve Jesus together with.



We then entered our staff in a 5 mile obstacle course race! It was challenging and SUPER DIRTY! But so so so so much fun! I think some of us were a little sad we decided to run it all together as a team but in the end I think it was sooooo much better doing it as a team. Such good memories!



We then had one day to rest our weary bodies and we jumped in trucks and drove up to the top of Elephant Mountain (doi Chang) were we met one of our good Akha friends who runs a Coffee business. The atmosphere and the beauty of the mountain was amazing. We spent 2 nights up there playing games and enjoying the place and each other. Next week we will be starting Staff training for our Discipleship Training School starting in January. Pray that we continue to grow and Jesus more and love each other.





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An UPDATE from last month of some of our AMAZING Staff!!

Sorry the updates have come slowly. Here is a new one from last month..


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finally an update from us FOXES!! Check back in we will start blogging more 🙂

This is our NeWEST UPDATE… CHECK IT OUT.. and please don’t post online. THanks


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USA on our WAY! Naam Peung Update!

Well we leave tonight for AMERICA! We are excited but so tired because it has been a long week. Pray for our Airplane rides. We have a long trip ahead! 🙂

Since I last wrote about Naam Peung the update is that the hospital Max and I went to denied her! They weren’t able to do the surgery because it is pretty tough. So we came home pretty bummed but prayed about it and decided we needed to go to the big good hospital and get the surgery done. We all had a peace about it. So Tom on his birthday! Set with Naam Peung in the hospital and the doctors there agreed that she needed it and they were willing to do it. Anyways it has let to so many conversations about the gospel with the Loy people and with the staff at the hospital.  She had the surgery and praise GOD she is doing so good. The Doctor said it should be close to 100%!! She is in pain though. The BIG thing though is that the surgery is expensive!! We are looking at over 2000 usd in hospital costs! So if you would like to help out with Naam Peungs surgery please let us know 🙂

Thanks for your prayers.

Brandon AUM Cooper and Conner!

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Spirit Doctors! Happy BDAYs! and USA… here we come!

Firstly if you want to read a more extensive update from the last month please click the link below:


Problems with Spirit Doctors and a Prayer Request:

Right now we would ask for you to pray for little 9 year old Naam Peung.. Max and I are at the hospital now seeing the 3rd doctor for her Arm.  She broke her arm one month ago. When it happened they had a Spirit Dr come and try to set it and wrap it with all kinds of weird stuff. We came and said they should go to the hospital. But they said the Spirit Dr knew what they were doing. Well I left to go down South and when I returned after 2 weeks I instantly knew it was BAD! So I tried talking to the Dad about getting her to the Dr. He was embarrassed but while we weren’t there he tried to move her arm around and saw that it was really bad and would have problems her whole life if they didn’t do something now. So they called me and asked to talk about it. It has been SUCH a good opportunity to share about Jesus. This is the second time a Spirit Dr came and messed up our kids. The other time for a skin burn they came and took burning coals and put in on the boy!! Burned him SOOOOO bad. I couldn’t believe it! So we are praying that they are starting to see the error in their beliefs and are starting to open up to Jesus more. We ask that you would pray with us for Naam Peung and her family right now. Pray that the surgery would go good and pray that it would be cheap!! If anyone wants to help support her operation PLEASE let us know. 🙂


Aum turned 31 on Saturday. We had a small party for her at kids club and SHE baked the cakes for it 🙂 We had a good little day as a family though that day. I love the pic below when everyone prayed for her.


US of A:

Yup that is right we are headed to the States! Crazy but true and we semi ready but excited! If you would like to see us please let us know.. We would love to see you 🙂

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