Spirit Doctors! Happy BDAYs! and USA… here we come!

Firstly if you want to read a more extensive update from the last month please click the link below:


Problems with Spirit Doctors and a Prayer Request:

Right now we would ask for you to pray for little 9 year old Naam Peung.. Max and I are at the hospital now seeing the 3rd doctor for her Arm.  She broke her arm one month ago. When it happened they had a Spirit Dr come and try to set it and wrap it with all kinds of weird stuff. We came and said they should go to the hospital. But they said the Spirit Dr knew what they were doing. Well I left to go down South and when I returned after 2 weeks I instantly knew it was BAD! So I tried talking to the Dad about getting her to the Dr. He was embarrassed but while we weren’t there he tried to move her arm around and saw that it was really bad and would have problems her whole life if they didn’t do something now. So they called me and asked to talk about it. It has been SUCH a good opportunity to share about Jesus. This is the second time a Spirit Dr came and messed up our kids. The other time for a skin burn they came and took burning coals and put in on the boy!! Burned him SOOOOO bad. I couldn’t believe it! So we are praying that they are starting to see the error in their beliefs and are starting to open up to Jesus more. We ask that you would pray with us for Naam Peung and her family right now. Pray that the surgery would go good and pray that it would be cheap!! If anyone wants to help support her operation PLEASE let us know. 🙂


Aum turned 31 on Saturday. We had a small party for her at kids club and SHE baked the cakes for it 🙂 We had a good little day as a family though that day. I love the pic below when everyone prayed for her.


US of A:

Yup that is right we are headed to the States! Crazy but true and we semi ready but excited! If you would like to see us please let us know.. We would love to see you 🙂

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