USA on our WAY! Naam Peung Update!

Well we leave tonight for AMERICA! We are excited but so tired because it has been a long week. Pray for our Airplane rides. We have a long trip ahead! 🙂

Since I last wrote about Naam Peung the update is that the hospital Max and I went to denied her! They weren’t able to do the surgery because it is pretty tough. So we came home pretty bummed but prayed about it and decided we needed to go to the big good hospital and get the surgery done. We all had a peace about it. So Tom on his birthday! Set with Naam Peung in the hospital and the doctors there agreed that she needed it and they were willing to do it. Anyways it has let to so many conversations about the gospel with the Loy people and with the staff at the hospital.  She had the surgery and praise GOD she is doing so good. The Doctor said it should be close to 100%!! She is in pain though. The BIG thing though is that the surgery is expensive!! We are looking at over 2000 usd in hospital costs! So if you would like to help out with Naam Peungs surgery please let us know 🙂

Thanks for your prayers.

Brandon AUM Cooper and Conner!

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