We are back in Thailand! Happy New Years Again!

HAPPY super hot Thai NEW YEARS!!
This last month is always the hottest smokiest time in Thailand. Throughout Asia we have been setting record highs for temperatures. And in Mae Sai we have near dangerous smoke toxins in the air.  So it was nice having the Thai News Water fights to participate in. Cooper for sure loves the water the most! It is so much fun!

If you read our bigger updates below you will know we just were in Cambodia! Our time there ended so well. It was hard for most of our team to leave all of their new good friends from so many different ASEAN Nations. The ASEAN DTS corportate time there really went better than I could have imagined! It was really a special time.  We arrived back in Mae Sai on the 10th of April and the Water Fight celebration started right around then 🙂

We brought our Borders DTS outreach team back to Mae Sai because the New Years is really an amazing time for us to be able to do evangelism into the Mok people group.. We were invited into many of our friends homes to eat traditional Mok noodles and snacks and drink way to much Coke 🙂 It really led to some great conversations though and even found out more stories that may help correlate the Gospel even better.  One of the families we are very close with told us they wanted to follow Jesus and Buddah because it was so hard to let go of ancestors traditions. The Mom also said that one of their sons asked if after high school he could join us and follow Jesus too! 🙂 She said she was fine with that 🙂
We also did some street evangelism and spent time in smaller teams teaching different groups of kids.

The DTS team is now out into a different closed nation for this the last week. Please pray for them. They have some REALLY neat opportunities but it is pretty sensitive and they need prayer warriors lifting them up. Aum, I and the kids stayed back and Mae Sai and are holding down the fort here 🙂

and tomorrow I turn 34 🙁 craziness!    Below are some pics from the month and some short news things from around our region.

Lots is changing in Myanmar still along road ahead:
1) http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21695944-long-and-painful-journey-awaits-myanmars-new-government-burma-road

I am sure happy we don’t serve a God like this:

Pray for this People Group:


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