Hey as you probably know if you are reading this. My name is Brandon and my wife’s name is Aum. In the past I have not been the best at keeping people updated to what is happening in my life and here in Thailand and Burma.. So THIS.. This blog is my attempt to go for it and let you know even the little details of whats happening here.. Grab your favorite drink, put on some tunes and read on!! God bless.

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  1. Mike V. says:

    Hey Brandon,
    This is Mike…I recently came with the GFM team. I have a few questions for you if you have a moment. But first of all I want to say that what you and YWAM are doing in Thailand stirs my heart and makes me want to come join you.
    My first question is concerning my family. I have three children, two boys and one girl. In your opinion, do you think they would be safe in Thailand? I hear allot of the sex trade and children being taken and I wanted to know what you thought.
    Second, I am planning on going through GFM MTS this summer. Do you know if YWAM would accept this curriculum if we wanted to come serve with YWAM in the future?
    Last, Is YWAM family friendly? I mean, is their focus more on singles coming and serving or do they also accept families?
    Again, thank you for what you are doing and stay safe in the Lord…Mike

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