Our hearts have fallen in love with the peoples of Asia.  Especially of Thailand and Burma to see restoration, reconciliation, and real freedom happen in these lands.  We love young adults and the potential that they carry to influence people, communities, nations and the world.  We want to see them flourish and bring their uncontainable love of Jesus to every area of society.  We love Jesus and believe that is only through His love and healing that anything meaningful and lasting can happen in the hearts  of people. We long to see every peoples have a chance to hear of this love we proclaim.

We feel that our town of Mae Sai is such a strategic location as it is 5 hours from China, 30 mins from Laos and on the border of Thailand and Burma. It is a melting pot of people groups, languages, cultures and religions. Most of the signs are written in Thai, Burmese, and Chinese. When you meet someone you have no idea what people group they might be from. Yesterday I was trying to talk to a street lady and it took me 3 tries at different languages to figure out which she was from (it was one that I can only say Hi in 🙂 but when I said Hi she lit up..

We hope to be an open door for people to come and minister here with the Burmese and then into all of the Golden Triangle. Our town has the freedom of Thailand but with the peoples of Burma and China. So we hope to start running training schools for Burmese here in Thailand (it is free to cross the border to come to our town) We want to see staff multiplied and the dreams of the Burmese and all the peoples here come into fruition. We want help be a launching pad to the Nations and to the visions of the people here. We want to see the church equipped and the unreached peoples reached. We want to see transformation in radical ways, families restored, and the prevention of human trafficking.

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  1. elisa says:

    Even though your ‘vision-less’ so far on this page, you really do have a nice eye. Though I must say it seems like its hard to hold the whole world in your eye. I mean, as its getting kinda bloodshot. Heck, even God doesn’t hold the whole world in His eye! He holds it in His hand. Or at least according to the Sunday School song……
    luv ya!

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