Come Ride

So I’ve been thinking lately a lot about community and community within the context of a roller coaster.. I hear a lot of people say that life is like a roller coaster “Sometimes up sometimes down”.. Now this may be true some times you may feel like your life is on an ultimate “high” and other times it may seem like its on a “low” or zipping to the left and to the right, spinning, twirling and then finally slowing down and stopping.. One thing that remains constant within that is God. He is no further or closer from us in the high times or the low times.

What does this have to do with community?? If you’ve ridden a roller coaster before have you ever done it by yourself? Its not as fun is it? Once your done your like who can I talk to about what just happened? But if you are riding with a bunch of your friends it is much more exciting. You have people to share in the ups and downs, to talk about the wild times, to go though the excitement and hard times together.. You think “what a ride” and you talk with all of your friends about what had just happened, you risk together, maybe get sick together, but it makes it so much more exciting to have people to ride with you!!

There is also the aspect of not knowing what may happen around the next hill or corner. You know that when you get to the top of the hill your probably not going to be there for really long you know that the ride is just getting started. Then you look down and there is a bar to hold on to and it helps hold you in. That bar is your security, it keeps you stable.. There are some people however that choose to let go of the security and throw their hands up in the air.. Its daring its risky but it is letting go and its worth it.. When you are with your friends on the ride you say “I dare you to let go the whole ride! Hands in the air!” We challenge each other to go for it, to trust God, to let go of our securities and place it in God. If we are riding alone, hardly anyone will put their hands in the air. They don’t have anyone to push them to something more, no ones there to challenge and encourage them to go bigger.. Lets let go together! Lets challenge each other to let go of the things we are holding on to in the world and throw our hands up and say “We trust You God!”

Then you throw your hands up in the air in total surrender to what is about to come.. Spiritually speaking “alright God all I have and all that is going to happen I’m trusting you” And then the ride happens and you get done and you think “WOW we made it! There was some crazy stuff that happened but WOW!” So we here are riding on one of these rides, its wild at times, its scary and hard sometimes, and it is fun! SO Come and ride with us!! I would love it!



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  1. Mom says:

    Thanks Brandon for the rollercoaster analogy!
    I need my community of believers more than I
    ever realized with Gram’s journey to heaven and
    now I need them even more. I don’t have a close
    relationship going on right now with them because
    summer divides us so I am looking forward to re-connecting for the rest of the ride….

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